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Reel and Highlights

Reel and Highlights


Schneider Studios offers all levels of video and photo production services, from pitching and producing a complete media product, to helping out in an areas you have not filled--like gear or editing. We own our equipment, from cameras to grip and lighting gear. We can come into a project as a Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Camera Operator, Sound, DIT, Grip and Electrical, as well as post production editing and motion graphics.

Our camera/grip/lighting/sound package is very affordable, with just enough gear to make a small indy film, or all the gear you would need to make a commercial, music video, or high-end business promotional video.

Our grip/lighting package is also great for still photography in the areas of architectural photography, product, lifestyle and fashion. We have both a large and professional package of strobes and continuous lighting.